Poetry and Photography

A cat licking its paw, ca 1895. Thomas Anshutz papers

A cat licking its paw, ca 1895. Thomas Anshutz papers

Photography and poetry have one important thing in common—the focus on specific images, images that aren’t necessarily tied to a plot (as in fiction and film). What makes both poems and photographs good is a strongly felt point of view. This recurring course, taught by poet and journalist T. Cole Rachel, will encourage the writing of poems while using photographers’ existing images as a source to unlock potential subject matter and discuss point of view. Each student will write at least three poems during the 6-week class, and they will be read and analyzed in class. For photographers who have had the impulse to write poems and didn’t know how to get started, or who have written in the past but have lost touch with the art form, the class will be a stimulation to write, and to engage with some important voices in contemporary poetry. The class will read the work of certain contemporary poets, including Louise Gluck, Mary Oliver, and Albert Goldbarth among others. 

The next Poetry & Photography class will begin on November 7th, 2018

Instructor: T. Cole Rachel

Wednesdays //  7 - 10pm | November 7thDecember 12th  (6 sessions)

Tuition // $200 per person

Location: 58 Kent Street, Brooklyn NY 11222

In association with The Creative Independent

Contact: tcolerachel@gmail.com

Please email me for updates or inquiries.